Cancellation Policy

For Exhibit Space


CANCELLATION FOR EXHIBIT SPACE: Exhibitors who cancel their exhibit space before March 10, 2023, incur a fee equal to 10% of the order amount.  Cancellations received after March 10, 2023, will incur a fee equal to 100% of the order amount.

CANCELLATION OF SPONSORSHIP: Cancellation of a sponsorship received after March 10, 2023, will incur a fee equal to 50% of the sponsorship amount.

CANCELLATION OF SHOW OR EVENT:  If the Show or Event is canceled because of reasons beyond CSFA’s control, EXHIBITOR remains responsible for all charges for services and equipment provided up to and including the date of cancellation unless noted on the specific order form (i.e., electrical, furnishings.)

CSFA is pleased to accept payment being made by a credit card. By paying for exhibit space and sponsorship(s) in advance, and adhering to any deadline dates, you have taken advantage of the discount offered and the transaction processing fees are waived.

Request for refund due to withdrawal is subject to CREDIT CARD REFUND PROCESSING CHARGE & HANDLING CHARGE.  Any refund will be processed as part of CSFA’s final show accounting within 21 days following the event date.

Prior to any refunds being paid to EXHIBITORS, any cancellation and/or postponement charges will be determined in good faith by CSFA and withheld from any amounts previously paid by EXHIBITOR to CSFA.

EXHIBITOR shall receive a full and complete refund of any overpayments following final show accounting.

In the event of EXHIBITOR withdrawal or the Event is cancelled or postponed, CSFA reserves the right to charge for services rendered in preparation of the Event, including all non-refundable Administrative Processing costs incurred by CSFA and applicable CREDIT CARD REFUND PROCESSING CHARGE & HANDLING CHARGE.

If a payment is made initially by credit card, then subsequently paid by check with the intention of reversing the initial credit card payment, a CREDIT CARD REFUND PROCESSING CHARGE & HANDLING CHARGE will be assessed for each subsequent transaction following the initial transaction.  An administrative fee to reverse the credit card payment and replace it with a check or an alternate credit card is 10% of the amount owed.

Said CREDIT CARD PROCESSING CHARGE is applicable in the event of voluntary withdrawal and/or cancellation of any services as outlined in conditions above.

Request for refund by different method than original payment must be submitted in writing by EXHIBITOR. Electronic request will only be considered when sent from an email address within the exhibiting company’s domain and on company letterhead. The request must specifically address the reason for requesting the refund by check and full details for where the check is to be mailed.