Jeff Baumunk, M.Ed.

Director of Public Safety
El Camino College, Torrance CA
Jeff Baumunk’s public safety career spans over 32 years. Prior to being named the Director of Public Safety at El Camino College, Jeff has worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fire Department, La Verne Fire Department, Nevada Task Force 1 (NV), Las Vegas Motor Speedway Fire and Rescue (NV), North Las Vegas Fire Department (NV), Rio Hondo College, and Copper Mountain College. Jeff has been a member of the California State Firefighters Association, International Association of Firefighters, Nevada State Firefighters Association, Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada, California Fire Technology Directors Association, South Bay Fire Chiefs Association, amongst several other organizations. As the Public Safety Director, Jeff is in charge of Administration of Justice program, POST Reserve Police Officer Academies, Law Enforcement Explorer Academy, Fire and Emergency Technology program, Emergency Medical Technician program, Paramedic program, and the California Firefighter 1 Academy.

Sessions by Jeff Baumunk, M.Ed.

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Behavioral Health and Cancer Awareness 1A – First Line Responder

California State Fire Training
Instructor:  Jeff Baumunk

This course provides awareness-level information on behavioral health and cancer for front-line responders, including describing stress and listing stressors; identifying and describing the impacts of stress; describing factors and demonstrating practices for resilience; describing types, prevalence, and causes of cancer; describing exposure to carcinogenic chemicals; and describing and demonstrating minimizing exposure and risk to cancerous contaminants.
NOTE:  There is a $75 per person charge for processing the course certificate.  For CSFA members, the fee will be included in your registration.  For non-CSFA members, the additional $75 fee will be added to the registration cost.