Patrick Wills

Long Beach Fire Department
Captain/Investigator Patrick Wills is a 47-year veteran of the California fire service and law enforcement. After graduating from the fire academy in 1975, Captain Wills would end his career in 2014 after 33 years with the Long Beach Fire Department in Los Angeles County. While a member of the Long Beach Fire Department, in 1998 Wills transitioned into law enforcement as the supervising investigator of the elite Long Beach Fire Department ATF Arson Unit. Spanning 17 years, Wills managed firefighter investigators, police detectives and federal agents. Investigating over 2200 fires of all types, including the arrests of hundreds of adult and juvenile arson suspects for arson involving domestic violence, serial arson, complex insurance fraud, murder for hire and murder by arson. Wills has also testified in state and federal courts over 130 times. Wills is a fire service and law enforcement instructor in fire and death investigation procedures for first responders. Continuing his passion for public service, Wills is also a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and law enforcement Peer Support team member.  In 2021, published his book The Reality of PTSD When Children Die was released. The book is available on Amazon.

Sessions by Patrick Wills

01:30 PM - 03:00 PM

The Reality of PTSD When Children Die; A Firefighter’s Story 

Instructor:  Patrick Wills
This presentation is a true story from December 2007 that explores the real-life effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in first responders and others associated with public safety.  Captain Wills will have colleagues joining him during the presentation.