Russell G. Hayden

Firefighter’s ABCs
The level of innovation that Mr. Hayden infused into the area of recruitment earned him the Outstanding Employee Award for the City of San Jose. His contributions included the development of the fire department’s first recruitment program. He built upon this program to include a comprehensive internship component that yielded many successful recruits who are where hired nationwide. Recognizing the needs of candidates to be better prepared for the application and testing process, Mr. Hayden developed the acclaimed eight-hour course entitled “21st Century Diversity Recruitment Workshop”. He continues to conduct this highly effective workshop throughout the nation. Additionally, Mr. Hayden has participated as an oral board member and proctor for agencies throughout the nation.

Sessions by Russell G. Hayden

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Firefighter ABC’s

Instructors:   Russell Hayden, Daryl L. Osby, Darcy Pierson, Michael E. Smith, Michael Stanley

Russell G. Hayden, Founder, Firefighter’s ABC’s will host this two-hour panel presentation.