Vincent Anderson

Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal, Redlands Fire Department
Building collaboration between the fire suppression and fire prevention communities is a career passion for Mr. Vincent Anderson. He currently serves as the Fire Marshal for Redlands Fire Department, CA.  In his past position, he held the position as the Deputy Director of Fire Safety with the California State University Campus Fire Marshal Program. Prior to this role, he served as Fire Marshal for the cities of Sunnyvale and Redlands. Vince graduated from UCLA with a BA in History and a minor in Public Affairs.  He also holds a Fire Protection Engineering certificate from UC San Diego and is a Registered Primary Instructor with California State Fire Training.

Sessions by Vincent Anderson

08:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Summit Ballroom B 

Resourceful Structural Firefighting: From the Fire Code to the Fireground

Instructor:  Vince Anderson

The California Fire Service is the most resourceful profession in the world. We take pride in utilizing our tenacity, tools, and talents to address the greatest needs of our communities across the state. There is an important resource we can better use to enhance emergency response capabilities, while simultaneously embracing our commitment to ensure everyone goes home: This resource is the Fire Code. 

This course is customized for firefighters, engineers, and company officers to gain a better awareness of the tangible aspects found in the Fire Code intended to promote effective fireground operations. Utilizing the RECEO acronym as a roadmap, this presentation will demonstrate how the Fire Code establishes a wide range of code requirements to assist fire crews from the first dispatch notification until the scene is secured. Specific aspects include fire apparatus access requirements, water supply considerations, hazardous materials features, and building fire protection systems. The best practices and takeaways from this class will provide firefighters applicable knowledge to be an enhanced team member to their crew, their shift, and their community.