Michael E. Smith

Retired Fire Chief
Fresno, Fairfield & Richmond Fire Departments
In 1978, Mr. Smith became the first African-American firefighter in Monterey, California. He joined the San Jose (CA) Fire Department in 1981 and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Chief. The progression through his thirty-year career in the fire service culminated in the role of Fire Chief for the cities of Fresno and Fairfield in California. Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has exercised a firm commitment to diversity recruitment within the fire service. This driving force has led to his ongoing outreach efforts within the faith-based and educational segments of the communities that he has served. Served as Pres. for the League of CA Cities and as a Board Member of Metro Chiefs.

Sessions by Michael E. Smith

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Firefighter ABC’s

Instructors:   Russell Hayden, Daryl L. Osby, Darcy Pierson, Michael E. Smith, Michael Stanley

Russell G. Hayden, Founder, Firefighter’s ABC’s will host this two-hour panel presentation.